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I should take the alternate Foreshore Road

I was again stopped by uniformed men, this time CRPF personnel, at Duck Park along Foreshore Road.Srinagar: Last Sunday night, after covering a couple of impromptu press conferences, I was heading to my office in Srinagar’s Mushtaq Press Enclave but instead drove home in another city area after a journalist friend called up on my mobile to say that indefinite curfew was being clamped on Srinagar and the media would not be issued any curfew passes.

While driving back towards Hazratbal, I removed the “Press” sticker from my car’s windscreen. I was asked to show my identity card, and when I did so an officer ordered me to turn my car back.. I tried to convince him by pleading that as per the official announcement, curfew had not been clamped on Srinagar but onlyThis newspaper’s veteran Kashmir correspondent filed this account through a friend travelling to New Delhi.Just outside the famed Mughal Gardens overlooking Dal Lake, my attempt to repeat the gambit with another posse of mixed security personnel failed however. “Jav.

Minutes earlier, I updated my copy on the unfolding developments. jaldi niklo (Go, hurry up)”, said one of them. We woke up the next morning to find even landlines dead and none of the TV news channels, except for Doordarshan, available through cable networks. When I insisted on being allowed to proceed towards the city centre, he asked if I had a curfew pass. AIR’s Srinagar station reported that the entire Kashmir Valley was under curfew, and restrictions under Section 144 CrPC had been imposed in many areas of Jammu too. I have done it in such situations earlier too, and it proved helpful. After disclosing my identity, a police officer “advised” that since passing via central Srinagar could be “risky”.

I should take the alternate Foreshore Road-Boulevard route to reach the city centre. Without flaunting my professional tag, I requested them to allow me to drive up to Nishat Garden.By midnight, even the broadband facility on fixed phone lines was withdrawn.After a quick breakfast, I left for my office but was stopped by two color injection molding machine Factory the police at a makeshift checkpoint in Srinagar’s Nigeen area. I also tweeted about the grim situation in Srinagar, with residents appearing to be reduced to frightened pigeons and finding nine ATMs where I had tried at to withdraw some cash empty

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The sea has been polluted and during monsoons

.Mumbai: While giving assurances in the legislative assembly to HXM 630-II implement the plastic ban effectively across the state, environment minister Ramdas Kadam said the government would introduce cotton bags in the market on a large scale and will allot Rs 5 crore to BMC for it. Cows and other animals eat plastic bags and suffer a lot. Now they can also impose the fine if orders are flouted.

The sea has been polluted and during monsoons, Mumbai is affected due to water logging.”Mr Kadam has met the environment department officials and asked them to issue directions to all local bodies to implement the ban immediately. While replying to the budgetary demands of the environment department, Mr Kadam told the assembly that, “It is the need of hour to control the use of plastics as 1,100 metric tons of plastic waste gets created every day across the state.

“We have given power tothe sarpanch, the zilla parishad president, MLAs, MPs, talathis, tahshildars, collectors and other officials to implement the ban. So we have banned all types of plastic bags irrespective of the thickness

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Rahul Gandhi wrote in the letter

Photo: ANI | Twitter"They ask, who is PM candidate of opposition parties."Oppn parties should forget their differences, fight BJP unitedly, says Deve GowdaFormer Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda said with the general elections close at hand, the opposition parties should forget their differences and come together to fight the BJP unitedly.At the rally, Kharge, the leader of the Congress party in the Lok Sabha, read out a message from Sonia Gandhi, highlighting the "crisis" looming over the country with farmers and fishermen living under immense strain. Jan Dhan, mudra loan, good governance, smart cities, bringing back black money, two crore jobs, acche din.However, Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his mother Sonia Gandhi have given the rally a miss but on Friday Gandhi wrote to Banerjee extending his “support” to the rally. The agricultural growth rate of the country has also slowed down," Naidu added.Photo: ANI | Twitter"Five years ago, people gave the mandate for the BJP. They are misusing their powers.

"At the end of his speech, Kharge said in Hindi, "Manzil door hain, rasta kathin hain, phir bhi pahuchna hain. They also misled the Supreme Court by filing the wrong affidavit.Democratic government at the Centre is headed by some undemocratic persons, says KumaraswamyKarnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy said that in 70 years, the country has seen an emergence of strong regional parties which have played important roles to protect the interest of their own states and understanding the emotions of their own people. They are going to pay a heavy price. Party is bigger than individual and nation is bigger than the party," he said..Narendra Modi is a publicity PM, we want a performing PM, says Chandrababu Naidu"Narendra Modi is a publicity PM, we want a performing PM," said Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.Whether our hearts meet or not, we should walk holding hands, says Mallikarjun KhargeRepresenting the Congress at mega rally, Mallikarjun Kharge said party chief Rahul Gandhi and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi had sent their good wishes for the rally.Kharge as the emissary of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, said, "Till we (opposition parties) unite, we will have to continue seeing Modi and Shah trample democracy and the secular values of the country.Here are the updates:If speaking truth amounts to rebellion then, of course, I am a rebel, says Shatrughan SinhaEchoing Rahul Gandhis Chowkidar Chor Hai slogan, BJPs disgruntled MP Shatrughan Sinha attacked PM Modi while sharing dais with opposition leaders and said he was ready to be declared a "rebel" if speaking the truth amounted to rebellion.

The present union government gives incentives, tax rebates and subsidies to industries, but farmers are treated differently.Among the first to make an appearance were Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav, DMK chief MK Stalin, former BJP leader Arun Shourie, Loktantrik Janata Dal chief Sharad PVC injection molding machine Manufacturers Yadav and Nationalist Congress Party head Sharad Pawar."It was Pakistans dream to split this country into pieces. This BJP government is going ahead in that direction by creating enmity among people and dividing the nation on the lines of religion, language.Stating that a question often asked is who would be the prime minister after Modi, he said the opposition leaders must have confidence that they can give a stable government for five years.Kolkata: Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee convened a mega rally called the “United India Rally” at Kolkatas Brigade Parade Ground for a grand alliance of opposition parties against the Narendra Modi government. Whether our hearts meet or not, we should walk holding hands)."If speaking truth amounts to rebellion then, of course, I am a rebel," said Shatrughan Sinha.SP-BSP alliance led to wave of happiness; BJP worried, says SPs Akhilesh YadavSamajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav said the coming together of the SP and the BSP has led to a wave of happiness in the country and left a worried BJP to hold meeting after meeting to devise a strategy to win even one seat in Uttar Pradesh.Read: ‘Oppn is united’: Rahul writes to Mamata di a day before mega rally “The entire opposition is united. BJP is offering bribes to MLAs in the state. None of these have been fulfilled," he pointed out."If Modi is back in power, the country will go back 50 years," he said. These are all slogans.Talking on Rafale deal, Naidu said, "They have misled the nation on this issue too. They have only bought 36 Rafale jets with a large sum of money. We have only one ambition - save India, save democracy,” Naidu added.Photo: ANI | Twitter"The next (Lok Sabha) elections will be the second fight for Independence."I show the mirror to the party so that they see the truth," said Sinha. But from their side, this name (Narendra Modi) has disappointed the country, who is your another name?" Yadav said. A fascist regime will set in as was done by Hitler in Germany," Kejriwal said. They are betraying the nation in a big way. Our call is to defeat Modi and save the country," he said.

ANI | TwitterStating that India is one of the strongest democracies in the world, Kumaraswamy said, "But today we are witnessing a day where the democratic government (at the Centre) is headed by some undemocratic persons.BSP-SP alliance started the process to uproot BJP govt, says BSP leader Satish Chandra MishraSenior Bahujan Samaj Party leader Satish Chandra Mishra said the BSP-SP alliance in Uttar Pradesh has started the process of uprooting the "anti-Dalit" and "anti-Minority" NDA government at the Centre. We will stop this poison of Hindutva and radical Hinduism from spreading.""Not only that, the present government is also misusing their powers by influencing premier institutions like CBI and ED," he added. Just like animals, they want to purchase the MLAs. Dil mile na mile, kamse kam haath mila kar chalo (The destination is far and the road is difficult but still, we have to reach there.""It is unfortunate that the Union government has turned deaf and mute to the needs of the people of the country," Kumaraswamy said.

The herculean task of seat-sharing for the coming Lok Sabha elections has to be addressed to ensure direct fight against the BJP, he said. They gave slogans.Photo: ANI | Twitter"I am in BJP but before that, I am with the people of the country..Photo: ANI | Twitter"If the (Narendra) Modi-(Amit) Shah combine continues to rule the country by winning the 2019 elections, it will change the Constitution and further elections will never take place. I extend my support to Mamata Di on this show of unity and hope that we send a powerful message of a united India together," Rahul Gandhi wrote in the letter. Comparing the NDA government led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the present dispensation led by PM Modi, he said that the present regime is "dictatorial" and "autocratic".It was Pakistans dream to split India into pieces but Modi government did, says AAPs Arvind KejriwalDelhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called upon people to defeat the "dangerous" BJP government at the Centre at any cost. They betrayed the nation."In Karnataka, it is an elected government but they want to manipulate and destabilise the Karnataka government."He (PM Modi) promised that the income of the farmers will be doubled but in reality, farmers are still reeling under the poverty, they are not getting Minimum Support Price and are also committing suicide due to weak policies. We say people will decide the PM candidate from our side.Upcoming LS polls will be second freedom struggle for India, says MK StalinDMK president M K Stalin said the upcoming general elections will be akin to the second freedom struggle for people of India to fight against the "radical Hinduism" of the BJP." Kejriwal added

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There’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon

The OS has been optimised well, which results in a mostly stutter free user experience in daily usage scenarios.AMOLED panels are known for deep blacks and eye-popping colours, and the V11 Pro’s doesn’t budge from these characteristics.Vivo’s extremely customisable FunTouch OS is present as always — this time it’s based on Android 8.However, the AMOLED panel is only there because of the in-display fingerprint sensor. Apps respond quickly and multitasking between a bunch of apps is a no-brainer.. However, the aesthetics aren’t refined enough — the icons are ungainly, and text often flows out of boxes. However, Vivo could have linked haptic feedback with the authentication process, which could have made for a more satisfying experience.But what impresses highly is the Infrared Face Unlock system, which works like a charm. In short, you can now comfortable rely on the in-display fingerprint sensor throughout a busy day to unlock your phone.

The display lights up the patch over the sensor in the lock screen and once you tap on it, it throws a bright neon light for the sensor to ‘see your fingertip’ and authenticate. There’s no problem with the dark as well — the IR sensor makes sure the phone can capture your face in the pitch dark. Vivo’s Jovi AI makes an appearance, with a sole job to learn which apps you use the most and make usual weather suggestions — we found it pointless, given that Google’s more intelligent and proven Assistant is already present.However, memory management isn’t impressive, considering the phone can only hold up to four apps at most times — this is an issue that has been ever-present on FunTouch OS. In its fourth generation, the optical sensor has massively improved from the previous versions in terms of speed and accuracy.And weirdly, despite sensible upgrades to the hardware side, we haven’t seen a search bar in the Settings menu yet — it becomes a struggle to search for an option, especially if you are used to Android’s default layout in most other smartphones.

The new sensor is really fast, with speeds on par with capacitive sensors. FunTouch OS reminds heavily of older iOS versions — there’s a Control Centre, an iOS-style Notification Centre, an iOS-inspired homescreen, several iOS-inspired apps such as iMusic and iManager, and more. The SD660 was a derivative of the SD835 from last year, with eight custom Kryo 260 cores. If you have an affinity for iOS’ aesthetics, then FunTouch will be appealing. The moment you pick up the phone, the system does its work and brings the home screen to you before you can glance at the lock screen. Nonetheless, the SD660 is a reasonably powerful chip known to be capable of handling daily tasks without breaking a sweat.e.

There’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chip crunching data, aided by 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, which is expandable up to 256GB. Therefore, Vivo had to compromise on the internals.1 Oreo.Performance:Unlike the NEX, the V11 Pro is a midrange smartphone. Qualcomm has already unveiled the SD670 SoC and it would have appealed more if Vivo went for the newer chip on the V11 Pro.However, FunTouch OS is polarising, i. The viewing angles are wide as well and sunlight legibility is decent for an AMOLED panel. The SD660 can also hold up well when it comes to graphics-intensive titles, provided wholesale PET injection molding machine you tweak the graphical settings to medium/low. it can be extremely appealing to those who love customising their phone to the heart’s content or revolting to those who prefer functionality over aesthetics. The dynamic range is good, and contrasts are high, resulting in a satisfying experience

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Ms Salve told The Asian Age

He said she would leave the city only when she gets her new identity. Rajat Kapoor, a senior plastic surgeon at the JJ Hospital after reaching Mumbai on Tuesday and got admitted.”. A few more tests will be done in the coming days.Mumbai: Lalita Salve (29), the Maharashtra police constable from Beed district who has received the department’s approval for leave to undergo sex-reassignment surgery (SRS), met her doctor, Dr.

Ms Salve told The Asian Age, “The doctors will run a few tests on me over a couple of days. Then, the senior doctors and panel of doctors who will perform the surgery will decide the final date of the surgery. He met and examined Salve on Tuesday. Dr Kapoor confirmed that Salve was admitted and the pre-surgery evaluation would be done.

Ms Salve got admitted in a special ward and was allocated a special room.”Dr Rajat Kapoor, a plastic surgeon from state-run JJ hospital will perform the surgery on her.Dr Kapoor said, “Before performing SRS, we have to explain to her all which we did.Dr Kapoor was the one who first examined Salve in 2016 and diagnosed her gender Dysphoria, a condition in which emotional and psychological identity are at odds with one’s biological sex. Her uncle and brother double color injection molding machine Manufacturers are accompanying her

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The committee in their report submitted on Wednesday

Further, the committee also noted that National Test House and Indian Institute of Toxicological Research (IITR), labs that conducted tests on PET bottles, have not consistently used rigorous methods for all estimations, reporting of results and choice of standards. 4,000 crore Indian PET packaging industry. According to the report by experts, “Treated soda-lime glass is characterised by high hydraulic resistance and is more suitable to leaching than borosilicate glass.” It further said that regular soda-lime injection molding factories glass untreated with moderate hydraulic resistance is more leachable oxide than treated soda-lime glass.”

The committee also recommended establishing better standards, regulatory requirement strategies for the country. Of the 600,000 tonnes of PET production, the pharmaceutical industry uses around 16 percent, accounting for around 100,000 tonnes every year. Bhan to assess the health and environmental impact on the use of PET or plastic container for primary packaging of drug formulations. The pharma companies were earlier asked to phase out the use of plastic containers in liquid oral formulations meant for paediatric formulations, geriatrics, women in reproductive age group and pregnant women. It however is clear that “this tests have been requested to assure public concerns and not because of any doubt in the committee about the scientific basis of safety of PET packaging,” the report further added.”

This findings are expected to come as a major relief to the Rs. However, the experts cautioned about the treated soda-lime glass and regular soda-lime glasses, citing they are “suitable to leaching”. It has also stressed strengthening of regulatory guidelines by prescribing specific methods for disposal of pharmaceutical packaging wastes.K. Later, the pharmaceutical firmss approached the NGT that directed the MoHFW to constitute an expert panel to study the science behind the issue. Stating that there was “no conclusive, reproducible evidence to suggest that use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or additive used with it such as antimony for pharmaceutical packaging may leach substances beyond limits that pose threat to human health, the committee of experts, in their submission to the National Green Tribunal, however said that “treated sodalime glass and regular soda-lime glasses are suitable to leaching”.Thereafter, the expert committee was constituted under the chairmanship of former secretary (department of biotechnology) M.. PET does not require use of phthalates or any plasticisers in the manufacturing process.

The committee in their report submitted on Wednesday said, “Within a robust regulatory system and process with clearly defined standards and requirements, the use of PET as a packaging material for pharmaceuticals can be practised with assurance of safety.In what could be a major relief to Indian pharmaceutical companies, a committee of experts on Monday deemed PET bottles safe for packaging pharmaceutical formulations.

The committee noted “common features of the submitted reports are inadequate reference value for interpreting results.“The committee requested Him Jagriti to provide additional information in the test reports which requires clarification and Him Jagruti did provided a response but the core concerns raised by the experts remained unanswered making it difficult to arrive at reliable conclusion in either direction.The ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW) had earlier in 2014 proposed a ban on pl-astic containers for oral formulation after the an experts committee and Drug Technical Advisory Board, a statutory board, considered the issue, following a representation from NGO Him Jagriti that raised concerns abo-ut the harmful effects of PET in packaging of pha-rmaceutical products. In an effort to address public concerns and strengthening of regulation for packaging and waste management, the committee has recommended a series of additional tests

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