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Ms Salve told The Asian Age

He said she would leave the city only when she gets her new identity. Rajat Kapoor, a senior plastic surgeon at the JJ Hospital after reaching Mumbai on Tuesday and got admitted.”. A few more tests will be done in the coming days.Mumbai: Lalita Salve (29), the Maharashtra police constable from Beed district who has received the department’s approval for leave to undergo sex-reassignment surgery (SRS), met her doctor, Dr.

Ms Salve told The Asian Age, “The doctors will run a few tests on me over a couple of days. Then, the senior doctors and panel of doctors who will perform the surgery will decide the final date of the surgery. He met and examined Salve on Tuesday. Dr Kapoor confirmed that Salve was admitted and the pre-surgery evaluation would be done.

Ms Salve got admitted in a special ward and was allocated a special room.”Dr Rajat Kapoor, a plastic surgeon from state-run JJ hospital will perform the surgery on her.Dr Kapoor said, “Before performing SRS, we have to explain to her all which we did.Dr Kapoor was the one who first examined Salve in 2016 and diagnosed her gender Dysphoria, a condition in which emotional and psychological identity are at odds with one’s biological sex. Her uncle and brother double color injection molding machine Manufacturers are accompanying her

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