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There’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon

The OS has been optimised well, which results in a mostly stutter free user experience in daily usage scenarios.AMOLED panels are known for deep blacks and eye-popping colours, and the V11 Pro’s doesn’t budge from these characteristics.Vivo’s extremely customisable FunTouch OS is present as always — this time it’s based on Android 8.However, the AMOLED panel is only there because of the in-display fingerprint sensor. Apps respond quickly and multitasking between a bunch of apps is a no-brainer.. However, the aesthetics aren’t refined enough — the icons are ungainly, and text often flows out of boxes. However, Vivo could have linked haptic feedback with the authentication process, which could have made for a more satisfying experience.But what impresses highly is the Infrared Face Unlock system, which works like a charm. In short, you can now comfortable rely on the in-display fingerprint sensor throughout a busy day to unlock your phone.

The display lights up the patch over the sensor in the lock screen and once you tap on it, it throws a bright neon light for the sensor to ‘see your fingertip’ and authenticate. There’s no problem with the dark as well — the IR sensor makes sure the phone can capture your face in the pitch dark. Vivo’s Jovi AI makes an appearance, with a sole job to learn which apps you use the most and make usual weather suggestions — we found it pointless, given that Google’s more intelligent and proven Assistant is already present.However, memory management isn’t impressive, considering the phone can only hold up to four apps at most times — this is an issue that has been ever-present on FunTouch OS. In its fourth generation, the optical sensor has massively improved from the previous versions in terms of speed and accuracy.And weirdly, despite sensible upgrades to the hardware side, we haven’t seen a search bar in the Settings menu yet — it becomes a struggle to search for an option, especially if you are used to Android’s default layout in most other smartphones.

The new sensor is really fast, with speeds on par with capacitive sensors. FunTouch OS reminds heavily of older iOS versions — there’s a Control Centre, an iOS-style Notification Centre, an iOS-inspired homescreen, several iOS-inspired apps such as iMusic and iManager, and more. The SD660 was a derivative of the SD835 from last year, with eight custom Kryo 260 cores. If you have an affinity for iOS’ aesthetics, then FunTouch will be appealing. The moment you pick up the phone, the system does its work and brings the home screen to you before you can glance at the lock screen. Nonetheless, the SD660 is a reasonably powerful chip known to be capable of handling daily tasks without breaking a sweat.e.

There’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chip crunching data, aided by 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, which is expandable up to 256GB. Therefore, Vivo had to compromise on the internals.1 Oreo.Performance:Unlike the NEX, the V11 Pro is a midrange smartphone. Qualcomm has already unveiled the SD670 SoC and it would have appealed more if Vivo went for the newer chip on the V11 Pro.However, FunTouch OS is polarising, i. The viewing angles are wide as well and sunlight legibility is decent for an AMOLED panel. The SD660 can also hold up well when it comes to graphics-intensive titles, provided wholesale PET injection molding machine you tweak the graphical settings to medium/low. it can be extremely appealing to those who love customising their phone to the heart’s content or revolting to those who prefer functionality over aesthetics. The dynamic range is good, and contrasts are high, resulting in a satisfying experience

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